Dear Indiana Affordable Housing Council (IAHC) Members,

2020 was like no other year, from sheltering in place, high unemployment and pandemic that affected us all.  The coronavirus pandemic came as Indiana was facing crisis-level housing affordability issues, especially for low-income households. More of our residents were considered “housing cost burdened,” spending 30% or more of their income on housing.  

There was also growing racial disparities in housing. Housing cost burdens were greater for households of color, especially among renters. Black renters had the highest share of cost burdens, followed closely by Hispanic renters and households identifying as multiracial or another race 

Amidst the challenges of a lifetime, your support for the Affordable Housing Industry through emergency actions to keep residents and staff safe, critical survey data responses, webinar participation, industry advocacy and conference sponsorship have ensured that we are able to figure out a path forward for our organization.   

The need for affordable housing is needed now more than ever.  As we look ahead to 2021, the Indiana Affordable Housing Council will continue to advocate for the creation and preservation of Affordable Housing in Indiana. One such way will be to continue to advocate for a bill supporting a State Housing Tax Credit to help increase the number of affordable housing units that could be built through the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit 4% tax exempt bond program. Our goal is to have the bill introduced by the second week in January with a possible hearing in the third or fourth week in January and we will continue to reach out to you for your help in this effort.   

I encourage you to renew your IAHC membership for 2021 and engage in all aspects provided by the council. 

To renew today, please email for an invoice or pay online HERE.


Wishing you the best in 2021,

Jennifer C. Green 

Membership Committee Chairman